Work ≠ Results

Work ≠ Results

Specific work = Specific results 

Intensity Drives Adaptation, Volume Builds Capacity

To build strength, we need to train the muscles to produce more force by incrementally adding resistance.

To improve speed we need to increase the rate at which a muscle contracts by training explosively with maximal intent.

To stimulate hypertrophy, adequate mechanical tension, muscle damage, and metabolic stress must be achieved.

To build endurance, we need to methodically expose the body to larger volumes of work.

Consistent work = Consistent results

Random sporadic workouts will not get consistent results. If not part of a bigger picture, progressive plan, each workout/training session will not be building on the last one to get you nearer to your goals.

Training “hard” by thrashing yourself in a directionless manner will yield inferior results and could easily lead to overtraining, fatigue or injury.

A lack of structure and inconsistency could lead to undertraining and less results.

Real work = Real results

Some people spend their time looking for a new routine or exercise that will help them get stronger or more powerful or (insert fitness goal here). They hop from plan to plan without ever really pushing themselves or achieving optimal results. Most of these people would be better off staying on course, doing the fundamentals and progressing by building focused intensity &/or volume over time. Progressively training a principle is largely more important than what method was chosen.