6 Things to look at when hiring a Personal Trainer / Coach?

1.     Are they qualified & insured?

Do they hold the minimum required qualifications and insurance? Ask them, if the answer is no, then they are not serious about their coaching role. Beyond the baseline qualifications, look for someone who is continually learning & growing to give you the best they can. Qualifications are not, however, the be all and end all. There are some great coaches with good skill sets, but very basic qualifications.


2.     Do their coaching skills and ethos align with you & your goals?

Do they have experience in coaching in the specific area you want to develop? Someone looking to build muscle would potentially be hiring a very different fitness professional to someone looking to lose weight or someone looking to compete as an athlete. Make sure they are competent in helping you achieve your desired goal. Do they communicate effectively with you? Are they a person you respect?


3.     Can they justify why they have programmed or delivered the exercises/drills/movements that they have?

At any point in time, a coach should be able to explain why they have you doing what you are doing and why it specifically fits in as a piece of your training as a whole. If they can’t do this, should you really be taking their advice?


4.     Are they Goal focused and giving sessions towards your desired outcome, rather than just giving you a “good workout”?

There is a difference between a “Training Session” and a “Workout”. A workout is just exercise over an individual session. A training session is part of a plan that will systematically lead to future progression.


5.     Are many of their clients/athletes injured?

The number one rule in training others is to avoid injury. Nothing slows long term progress and performance more than this. Do they encourage people to lift heavier weights with poor form, skip rest days or burn themselves into the ground with overtraining?


6.     Do they charge a fair price?

When it comes to price, we all want a good deal, but in life, you get what you pay for. Remember, you aren’t paying simply for their time with you, you’re paying for the years they’ve spent learning, training, and coaching. You’re paying to outsource ALL of your questions to somebody who knows what they’re doing. What you’re really paying for is confidence, guidance, momentum, and results. 6 months invested with a quality coach will give you more value than 6 years with a bad one! Remember the consequences of your decision will be suffered by your body.