4 Key areas for a boxer to invest in developing their mobility

Mobility is a commonly neglected area of training for many fighters but can help an athlete in several ways. Mobility helps athletes move more efficiently allowing for ease of movement through an active range of motion. More mobile athletes have tissues which are more resilient in different positions, meaning less chance of injury. Good mobility stops potential leaks in force production and kinetic linking from restricted movement, this allows a boxer to rotate through their punches better and deliver punches with more power. Below are four key areas for boxers to develop their mobility.


  1. Spine – Both to effectively deliver punches with good rotation and to execute defensive manoeuvres, a supple spine is advantageous.
  2. Ankles – moving around the ring, changing direction, the ankles are put under a lot of stress in boxing training, skipping and running then add to this stress. Looking after the ankles and keeping them healthy is important.
  3. Hips – a joint surrounded by the largest of muscle groups which produce the most force in a punch. Efficient movement here key.
  4. Shoulders – a common injury site for boxers, reducing injury risk here is vital.