Training in the Transverse and Frontal Planes

Most traditional gym exercises work through the Sagittal plane (forwards and backwards, up & down). The Frontal/Coronal plane (lateral movement) and the Sagittal plane (rotation) are both often neglected and development here can plug a hole in many athletes programmes, especially combat sport athletes.

Building strength, power and mobility through these other planes of motion can be a key area of development. For optimal results, Rotation, Anti-rotation, Lateral flexion and Anti-lateral flexion could all be covered regularly.

????‍♂️ More mobility through these planes of motion will allow fluid, relaxed movement through evasive manoeuvres and attacks.

????️‍♂️ Resistance training through these planes of movement will allow greater force production (strength) and potential rate of force production (speed) through these and similar movements.

???? In turn this means harder strikes, or more explosive throws.